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IMG_2546This is a “shout out” to all of those who handle the money of Christian organizations – Missions, Churches, Foundations, Organizations, Charities, etc. – and do it with integrity, honesty, promptness, and clarity. Be they treasurers, accountants, bookkeepers, or auditors. A “shout out” goes to you, as a “shout out” goes to Angela.

            Angela needed to resign from being the Regional Conference treasurer this past week. After more than ten years in her role, she is stepping down. For some it was surprise that Angela’s time was ending because they were so accustomed to seeing her manage the donations, offerings, expenses, and books. She always handled her role with integrity, humility and a quiet firmness. She knew where everyone’s money was or what had been done with it (for ministry). She listened to many comments, questions and inquiries. When the people brought their Church’s tithes and offerings to Angela for the Regional budget there was always some short conversation that took place. She always responded in her firm voice with a slight smile. She epitomized the quiet, solid treasurer with a serving heart and disposition. And she got great snacks to share at the regional meetings.

            So many Christian organizations handle so much money and all of it is very scrutinized with most of it being somewhat public knowledge. We hold those who handle our money to strict and stringent accountability. And we should. So when someone comes through with a great “money” testimony, handling their responsibility with integrity and honesty and humility, you realize how blessed you are and how blessed your ministry/organization/work can be as well. We have been blessed to work with some very good “money handlers” throughout the years (not everyone fits into this category, but, fortunately, more have fit this category than haven’t). This “shout out” is because Angela is stepping down, which has called us to count our blessings for those who have handled our money well over so many years and in so many different situations. Maybe you want to pause a minute and thank God for those “money handlers” who have blessed you and the ministries you are a part of throughout your years.

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