Was Moses a Covenant Pastor?

This week’s Prayer and Fasting time with the Antioquia Regional Pastors centered around a discussion of Numbers chapter 20, where Moses strikes the rock instead of speaking to the rock in order to get water.  For two hours we discussed various aspects of this passage and our own obedience and behavior and testimony as we minister to God’s people in various churches and ministries.  A major part of the discussion centered around whether the end result of a service, a program or a ministry in the church justify any lack of Christian obedience and discipleship to Jesus?  We all “know” how to “do” Church, or ministry, or discipleship, or leading a meeting.  But do we always “do” our job with a joyful heart? With a gracious heart? With a loving tone of voice? Reflecting God’s presence in our lives?  Hey, it was a good time together.

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