University Covenant

Ten adults from the University Covenant Church of Davis, CA, arrived to spend 11 days in Medellin and will minister in the Spring of Peace Covenant Church and in Covenant Elementary School.  In order to get to the El Pinar Santo Domingo neighborhood, where the Spring of Peace Church is located, the team needed to take every form of transportation available in Medellin – a private car, the Metro train, the Metro Cable car, a bus and walk on foot.  A trip of about 45 – 60 minutes from the Sander house.  We are looking forward to see how God continues to build the partnership between University Covenant and the Colombia Covenant—a partnership which started a year ago when Pastor Jamie Crook spent one month of his sabbatical here in Medellin.  A time of rest (sabbatical) has developed into a vision for ministry, partnership and work.

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