AVA is going forward

Mary Lou led the second AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse) training for 14 leaders of the AVA—Colombia team.  They are a solid and unified group of leaders who are taking their role seriously as hands and voices of God reaching out to many hurting people—women, children, youth and men, through this ministry.  Mary Lou received her own training in this ministry at the 2010 Covenant Women’s Ministries Triennial.  The training will come to a celebrative closing this November as the Director of the ECC AVA Ministry from North America, Yvonne DeVaughn, and her husband, William, will visit for the last training session of 2011.  But, this does not mean that AVA in Colombia is ending, it just means that the AVA coaches will go forth in God’s strength and help as they teach and share in the Colombian Covenant Churches and in their ministries and foundations helping others who are and who have suffered abuse.

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