Getting together

Mission staffs often get together for a staff retreat.  Since our staff has consisted of just Mary Lou, Gary and Cathy Campobello for the past five years, we have often gotten together, just not often in a retreat format.  In the past two years that is changing as we are once again getting together as a staff (we have added three short-term missionaries in the past three months) and we are doing it with our co-workers from the Norwegian Covenant Church Mission.  In the early 90’s the Norwegian Mission staff and our Covenant Mission staff often got together and even participated in annual retreats.  We got out of the habit of doing this in the late 90’s and until two years ago.  But, now, we have done this three years in a row and it has proven to be a blessing for all of us.  And, the staff keeps growing and changing every year, which makes the retreat a very important time for continuing to get to know each other.

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