Christmas with One daughter

We had thought, for a while, that 2010 would be our first Christmas without any of our children at home with us. We were preparing ourselves for this happening, something that all families probably face and go through, but we hadn’t yet. Then, talking about it, we decided to see if somehow we could get our youngest daughter, Leah, to join us. When we called her up, she had been thinking the same thing. How was she going to spend the Christmas season without seeing her MOM and Dad? We jointly decided to make it happen for her to come to Medellin to be with us. So, we have been enjoying the last few days together, topped off last night by going down to the river and seeing the Medellin light display, complete with some “mazorca”, Colombian corn on the cob. We haven’t forgotten our other kids, either, as we are now all in the process of videoing our favorite Colombian Villancico (Christmas song) and sending it to one another.

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