CWR — and chicken coops

Sergio is carrying the first eggs received from some of the chickens (they are just beginning to be big enough to lay their eggs) at the Foundation Belen Children’s Rehab Ranch Egg Project. Covenant World Relief partnered with Foundation Belen so that a 1,500 capacity chicken coop could be built, the first phase of two chicken coops on the ranch. Through the income raised from the eggs (a projected 1,350 eggs per day) many kids, ages 7-12, will receive an opportunity ministry for rehabilitation from drugs (incredible to imagine kids so young as addicts, but that is the reality). Sergio, along with other kids at the ranch, is also being equipped to be a chicken caretaker and be able to enter into the work force (when he comes of age). What stops the Foundation Belen ranch from reaching its capacity of 60 kids are the necessary funds to fill in the gap that the families can’t give in order for their children to receive a chance at a brighter future. CWR is giving some of those kids a chance.

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