finding joy

Today’s Monday favs:

1. first day back at work and seeing my sweet (sometimes crazy) estudiantes!

2. getting back into that sweet routine (finding the delight in it, and learning to be fully present in it)

3. starting new year changes (steadfastness, prayer, joy, spanish, piano)

4. better self-care (rest, creativity, books, walks, time, etc.: healthy mind, body, spirit)

5. the power of words (speaking truth, recognizing lies, speaking truth)

6. pottery time!!!! (#3 and #4)

7. laundry day (this and this=FUN! Thanks, Katie D.! )

8. the sound of pen on paper (so missed, so welcomed)

9. morning tea, midmorning joe

10. being organized

11. sun filtering in through high windows and crossing my work table

12. my job (spanish all day, children all day)

13. listening to sherlock holmes (audio book babes)

14. sneaky joy letters (sending and receiving)

15. my co-workers from spain (ONE WORD: VOSOTROS) No me digáis!!!!






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