Louisiana Flood Response

By Pastor Michael Hitch, Canal Street Church, New Orleans, LA


Almost two months ago Southern Louisiana received record setting rain fall from a tropical system. Feet of rain filled slow moving bayous and rivers passed their flood stages and into homes of families in over three different Parishes (counties). Over 40,000 people lost everything and some are still driving passed yards filled with debris. Canal Street Church and the RICC continues to send teams and as of now we have sent 5 teams to the flooded areas and have opened our dorm space to receive more.



Moving forward as we continue to host teams we have entered into interdenominational partnerships to provide a more organized process to deliver more service to more people. The need is very great, so many houses and neighborhoods have still been untouched by aid. The majority of families lived outside the flood plain, and therefore did not have flood insurance. We covet your prayers as we prepare for the many months of rehabilitation work ahead of us. We are so grateful to our Covenant family for standing with us!

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