Topsy Turvy Is The Way The World Has Turned

Back on March 2nd I wrote a blog post that was waiting for a few pictures.  But very quickly looking for pictures was not high on my priority list.  Instead I was watching the news and seeing our world turned upside down by the effects and reactions to the Covid 19 virus.

Apparently the US population suddenly all needed toilet paper. Good thing I had some in Cameroon I could pack with.

So this is just to let you all in on our topsy turvy life and to direct you to a newsletter that I hope will get written in the next week.

As most of you know our daughter, Beth, is marrying Michael Lurenana on April 4.  We were scheduled to leave Cameroon on March 27th in the early morning hours.  But by early March it was clear that our plans might need to change if we were to return to the US.  We left Cameroon early the morning of  March 17th and flew all the way to San Diego with no problems.  We have since been staying with my sister and now in our own home.

Our luggage at the Yaounde airport. We brought two action packers for a friend and our own toildet paper (see previous picture). So glad to be on one of the last flights out.

We have seen God’s hand in a multitude of ways directing and guiding us.  Please continue to lift us up in prayer and those we left in Cameroon.  Pray also for Beth and Michael as they trust in the Lord to provide for their wedding.  We are thankful that we remain healthy and look forward to sharing our story with you, as you also share yours with us.


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