Tennis Anyone?

Christmas has come and gone and the decorations are packed away for another year.  But the effects of Christmas are still present.  There are the pictures of family around our house that remind us of those we briefly saw.  On porch lay two coils of plastic tubing which represent the drip watering system I am in the process of installing.  My exercise equipment beckons, courtesy of the extra few pounds that have been added to my frame.  And the old basketball court at RFIS has a new look about it since the start of the Christmas school break.

Volleyball nets in place last year.

It has gained a new net – a tennis net.

Tennis net is up and the new lines have been added to the mix of lines on the court.

Jeff has checked it out and made the first serves on the court.

Tennis at RFIS!

Look a little video to mark the event.


Now I need to find my tennis racquet and join in the fun and erase a few of those reminders of Christmas I am carrying around.


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