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Chicken Production at RFIS

One of the classes we have been teaching at RFIS this year is an agriculture class.  Part of the class was for the students to run a small business enterprise.  They tried growing some crops with limited success but their …

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Science Practicals ….Practice makes Perfect?

One of the most time consuming activities for whoever is teaching Grade 10 students at RFIS is preparing them to take their IGCSE practical exam.  Our students take (mainly in 10th grade) externally set exams which are set by an …

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You know you are at an MK school in the tropics when….

….the rain pours down and the students don’t run for cover but run into the rain.




It doesn’t matter if it is a chapel day and they are still dressed up – they simply toss the shoes …

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April Showers – we get flowers in April in Cameroon!

It is amazing what some good tropical downpours of rain can do.  We are not talking about nice gentle showers that are experienced under an umbrella.  We are discussing windy, wet and violent showers that are typical in this part …

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