Flashback at UCSD!!

I have been here before!!

It does not look very different than all those years ago.

This is where Carolyn lived during her first year of college more than 30 years ago.  Now Keith is in the next door high-rise dorm.  The place is not that different but now they squeeze three students in rooms that used to house two.

Small with two = Tiny with three

We had lunch in the cafeteria – which has been remodeled but still looks similar.  I think the food has improved, but it is no longer all you can eat for one price.  Since it was the first day of classes, I ducked into a lecture hall I had spent many hours in and suddenly the years melted away.  What a strange experience.

Of course there have been lots of changes — new buildings, more students and more colleges!  One of the best changes is the growth in the Inter-Varsity ministry on the campus.  It is exciting to hear that God is still working in this place where Jeff and I met and ministered as students.  Pray for this ministry as it continues to reach out to students.

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