Let us love

This past week felt heavy. As we watched the news scenes of fear and sadness flooded the news. Here in Colombia, thousands of people had been evacuated from towns near the Cauca River, as complications at a hydroelectric plant along

Happy Easter


This is good news! And because of this good news we celebrate hope, life, forgiveness, renewal, reconciliation, justice, redemption, and love.
This week as a family we’ve intentionally spent time in Scripture reading and

Valuable women

This month we celebrated “International Women’s Day.” I received many sweet, encouraging messages from friends. While at the same time I was reminded of just how much discrimination, inequality, abuse, and harassment women deal with daily. And so as I


This month the “20 de Julio Covenant Church” in Barranquilla celebrated the inauguration of their new church building. People came from all over the city and country to join in the celebration. The church began in 1994 under a tree

20 years

This past weekend the Covenant Church in El Hato, a small town in the state of Cordoba, celebrated their 20th anniversary. The community came together to celebrate God’s faithfulness during this 20 years and to pray for the future.