2 months

We’ve officially be in Colombia for a little over two months. Time is a funny thing. On one hand it feels like we’ve been back in Colombia for much longer than two months. We’ve settled into our house,┬áthe boys

Women who inspire


Enjoying a lovely dinner with friends at the women's retreat

Enjoying a lovely dinner with friends (Claudia, Mary Lou, and Lorena) at the women’s retreat

This month, as we’ve slowly been getting settled in and visiting different ministries and social projects, I’ve walked away with such an incredible appreciation


Julio and half of our bags

Julio and half of our bags

After a long day of delays, waiting at airports, and flying on airplanes, we made it to Medellin! We ended up waiting at the Minneapolis airport from 8am-3pm, while the airline found pilots and

Oh the places we went

Yesterday I (Katie) arrived back in Minnesota after 12 days of travel. I was accompanying Edith, the President of Colombia Covenant Women’s Ministries, as we were sponsored by women’s ministries from the Great Lakes and Canada Conferences. Thank you to

38 flights

Last night, as we returned from two weeks of travel I counted the number of flights I have made since returning to the States in July 2015. Thirty-eight. In the past year I have been on an airplane 38 times.