Picture of the week

This past week we had the opportunity to participate in a mission experience that created awareness of all the different ways that the Covenant Church is serving globally.

We welcomed people into the experience by offering Colombian coffee or a


What an incredible March was for connecting with friends and ministry partners from Wisconsin to the West Coast. We traveled by car and plane and were received with such warm hospitality. Many of our gatherings revolved around food (and some

Lives of service

It was in 1968 that Wayne and Mary Anne Weld and their family arrived in Medellin, Colombia to teach at the same seminary where Julio would eventually graduate from in 2004. And it was in 1968 when the Welds, along

Happy New Year!

Today, for the first time, I wrote the date “2016.” Happy New Year! We spent New Years Eve in Minnesota, with Julio arriving that evening from St. Louis where he had participated in the Urbana Mission Conference. And while we