A new generation

This past Saturday the sanctuary of the Covenant Church in El Bagre was filled with adolescents. This has become the norm on Saturdays where 47 adolescents come together to participate in a program offered by Nueva Generación that equips churches


I, Katie, just returned from 11 days of ministry on the coast in and around the city of Barranquilla. We have been supporting the ministry of the churches and schools in this areas through the formation of children’s ministry leaders

One Year

It’s amazing how much happens and changes in a year. As Julio headed up to the airport last night to pick up some special visitors, he reminded me that it was a year ago yesterday that we returned to Colombia

Welcome to Paradise

Not far from Barranquilla, in the municipality of Soledad, there is a neighborhood called, “Paradise.” While the neighborhood might not be what you expect given it’s name,  it is here that Pastor Jesus and the congregation of the Paraiso (Paradise)

A full house

Katie is used to being outnumbered by males in the household, but this past week was a new record. Katie was outnumbered 8 to 1. Besides the Isaza boys, we hosted Jordan who is a Serve Globally summer intern, along

A shout out!

Today I would like to give a shout out to our Serve Globally interns. This year and next we have the privilege to have interns joining us to serve in different ministries of the Covenant Church in Colombia. This is


Once again, the weekend of learning that was generated by the third module of the Peace and Reconciliation course was stimulating and challenging. The thirty participants in the course gathered for two days and the instruction focused on advocacy and