A day trip

Holy Week is an important week in Colombia. Schools are on vacation, many businesses close for the later part of the week, and many people travel and take time to be with family. After Julio returned from traveling and teaching


Mondays have become a special day of the week. Twice a month I, Katie, am able to accompany a group from Shalom Covenant Church up the mountain to a community where they have been serving for 3 years now. The

A holy moment

It wasn’t flashy, but it was holy. Led by the worship leader and his guitar, we sang out our praise to God. In our imperfections and brokenness we recognized God’s goodness and faithfulness. I looked at my neighbors and saw

Entering into 2017

This year we celebrated New Year’s in Colombia. It was a little different than last year, when we were in sub-zero temperatures and celebrated with friends in the warmth of their home. This year we were trying to get cool