Animal traction for Congo?

Will animal traction with ox carts come to Congo in the near future?  President Mboka recently visited Tillers International in Michigan and was inspired.  He and his colleagues dream of teams of oxen working in the fields and hauling produce to market.  At Tillers he met with Richard Roosenberg, Executive Director of Tillers, Kristine Svenson, a former short-term missionary in Congo who worked with animal traction, and May Sanguma.  Here are a few photos from his visit plus a video of  President Mboka directing a team of oxen at Tillers

Mboka, Kristine & May

L to R: President Mboka, Kristine Svenson and May Sanguma

talking with Kristine's dad

Richard Roosenberg talking with President Mboka

a big bull

that’s a big bull

with bull



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