Welcome to Malakal, South Sudan

Cindy & John leading parade [640x480]

John Kerl and Cindy leading the parade

Parading part of the way to the church after we arrived today is part of the way we were welcomed.  It was a beautiful sunny day as you can see, but not as warm as we expected, only about 85 or so.


drummers [640x480]

The drummers leading the parade and setting the tempo









parade on street=crop [640x480]


Once at the church the guests all have their feet and hands washed by the women.John getting arms washed [640x480]

100_3621 [640x480]

four women at once washing John’s feet and hands

John greeting church [640x480]

John giving a greeting with Gabriel Kek translating into Nuer

guests before church [640x480]

We each were dressed this way and then received the gourd gifts

lunch [640x480]

lunch at a nearby restaurant. the Nile perch soup in the two bowls to the L of the bread was particularly delicious


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