Thanksgiving in Congo

serving the Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving is a special time everywhere and we make it so here.  At 5pm yesterday we were 13 people to our house for a wonderful meal plus time of giving thanks and singing.  We were not lacking for food as the photos show.  No, we didn’t have turkey, but we bought the largest chickens we could and they were wonderfully roasted.  No Irish potatoes, but mashed white sweet potatoes were great with the chicken gravy.  And there were fresh green beans, squash casserole, corn pudding, fresh rolls, jello salad with a whipped topping and two kinds of stuffing/dressing.  For those who had room left after the above we had 3, yes THREE, kinds of pie: pumpkin (squash) , lemon meringue and a mock apple made from green, unripe papaya (yes, that does work).

After the above we shared and sang and even had a baritone solo.

Sharing in the meal were neighbors Tim & Helen Smith and Christine Buettgen, Dede, May, Dhael and Yadnael Monfiston with World Vision, Tim, Sarah and Eben Mambo and ourselves.

our table loaded with blessings

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