Training Pastors in Kenya

Pastors John Kiruga and Nahashon Ngoima of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya (ECCK) are doing well in their seminary studies at the Africa International University (AIU) in Nairobi. We had a wonderful visit with them back in September. They shared the following about what they are learning and how they are changing:

I am more focused and understand church planting better. I have learned a lot about church administration and leadership in the church. I am learning how to encourage people,

I have come to understand that if the church is not growing spiritually, numerically and financially, then it is stagnant.

I have learned that to be a good leader, I need to mentor the person who will come after me. I did not do this in my church.

My preaching was done casually. Today I study on my own and do not copy from others.

I have a heart to reach the youth now, something I did not do before.

L: Pastor John Kiruga R: Pastor Nahashon Ngoima

We thank the Lord for what John and Nahashon are learning at AIU and how they are growing as pastors and leaders. Unfortunately John and Nahashon to not have all the support they need for attending AIU. Their tuition is covered by one generous church, but they also need additional funds for room & board and some help for their families back in their home towns. They need another $5,550 for 2012. Some of this is to reimburse people who have loaned them money.

Would you consider giving to support the leadership development of John and Nahashon in seminary? Donations may be sent to:
Evangelical Covenant Church, Dept. of World Mission
8303 W. Higgins Rd.
Chicago, IL 60631.
**Put a note on the check designating it for: Kenya Designated Project – Income, account #5003-2190-51-30, pastoral education.

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