Rescuing Girls from Early Marriage

Morpus Primary School and Rescue Center

The Morpus Primary School and Rescue Center we visited in the Chepuraria area of Kenya is a key institution in Kenya’s efforts to end early marriage (under age 18) and female genital mutilation (FGM).

Location for the Sand Dam

The JITOKEZE women’s empowerment NGO in Kapenguria is partnering with Morpus to build a sand dam across a nearby river in order to provide safe water for the boarding students. The sand dam is a Covenant World Relief project.

In Kenya it is against the law for a girl to be married off under age 18. Most commonly these marriages are arranged by the family and include FGM. If this happens, the young girl can run away to the District Officer (DO) for protection. The DO is required by law to protect any girl that flees to him.

Girls Dorm Sign

In addition the law requires the DO to find a place of refuge where she will be safe. Here is where Morpus comes in. Of its 300 students 180 are boarders and 46 are rescued girls.

During our visit we met with a dozen young girls that have been rescued. Some were from as far as 180 miles away from home. Some had not seen their parents for over a year.

Young girl rescued this year

Two had arrived within the current school year. When a girl arrives the school staff determines the grade the girl should be in and provides her school supplies and uniforms. Morpus has funding to provide free boarding for these schools. The dormitory was a World Vision project.

Principal & some of the rescued girls outside school

During our conversation with these beautiful young women, we asked what some of them aspire to be. A lawyer. A doctor. A teacher.

Deaf young girl

One of the girls sent to them is deaf and Morpus has worked with a local ministry to the deaf to teach her sign language and get her in their school. She lives at the Morpus dorm and travels to the deaf school each day.

What an outstanding ministry to girls at risk as Morupus is providing new opportunities for their lives.

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