CHE TOT underway!

TOT Discussion Group

Our first full fledged TOT (Training of Trainers) for CHE (Community Health Evangelism) is underway as you can see in this photo. We have 27 participants and maybe 2-3 more yet to arrive. We will be together all this week and hopefully only Mon & Tues next week. I appreciated their expectations:

  1. Gain some new knowledge
  2. Learn how health, evangelism and development are or can be connected
  3. Have new knowledge to share with our church and families when we return
  4. Learn how health and evangelism can bear fruit for development in our village

On Monday, we covered these lessons:

  • The Gospel and the Kingdom of God
  • God’s Vision for Community
  • What is health? Good and bad health

Today we build on those with:

  • Worldview and Development
  • Story of the Paralytic
  • Comparison between Aid and development
  • CHE principles

Some interesting things. They were pretty slow at understanding the idea of dividing into small groups and moving to different parts of the room for the group. One time I assigned areas for each group and ended up with group 1 clear across the room. But we’re getting there. They are slowly becoming more accustomed to group participation, but in the beginning it felt at times like I was pulling out answers. All over though, it was fun, very enjoyable teaching these concepts which are new to almost everyone. We look forward to tomorrow.

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