Arrival in Yaounde

We arrived in Yaounde, Cameroon on Friday, March 18. Everything with our trip went fine. It was good to have 4 hours between planes in Brussels. Cindy even found a spot with padded benches and no arm rests where she could lie down for a bit.

All our luggage arrived fine for which we are always grateful. It took a bit longer going through customs because we had a box that had 2 solar panels for Congo. Normally we have gone through customs in Cameroon as missionaries without any questions, but the agents eyes light up when they see a box. We talked and talked with them explaining that we are going on to Congo and that the box was only in transit. But since our ticket was only to Yaounde they responded that we were entering Cameroon so should have to pay duty. Pete sat in the office a bit and then we received favor through the eyes of someone we knew from before. That man convinced the agents that we were indeed going on to Congo and to let us go. So out we went grateful for a friend. Thanks Lord.

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