Celebrate Africa in Mason City

Last weekend we were in Mason City to speak.  Saturday evening they had a CELEBRATE AFRICA dinner and evening.  What FUN!  They had nice decorations and then a wonderful meal.  They had gone online to find some genuine African recipes and everyone was game to try.  There was an African yam soup, a rice dish, a chicken and garbanzo beans dish and real ugali (Kenya thick corn porridge).  We had people play an African version of pictionary and then a jeopardy game.  I guess our questions were too hard as they didn’t get many questions right, but hey, they learned something and it was a good evening.

Sunday morning we had a brief time in each service plus children’s SS and half an adult class.  We closed the time off with a great lunch with Pastor Tammy and her husband Kelly.  All in all, a very encouraging interaction with people who have been connected to us for over 20 years.  Thanks Lord!

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