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CEFA’s future

CEFA’s contract workers are having meetings to brainstorm about the future of the farm and extension work.  Funding will most likely be there through 2020, and they must dream big into this next phase.  They are bringing in income from

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May 1st was Labor Day

Yes, it was 2 weeks ago, but we did celebrate Labor Day with the CEFA employees.  We had a nice meal and Roy gave a quick but very encouraging talk.  Oh, how I love gozo!!  Some years they have a

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Roy the farmer, always ready to go go go!

The guy doesn’t sit still!  Well, except when he’s doing a puzzle, and I think that is more to get satisfaction out putting a mess in order, when life’s messes can’t be put in order.  Roy is ready to plant,

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 It is good to get news from a foreign land.  While we are in South Africa, our dear friend and director of CEFA sends reports for Roy to translate and turn in to U.S. donors.  Along with the reports come

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Finishing up at Somongoe

In spite of serious hip pain, Roy pushed to complete his to do list before we left CAR.  He created all these signs to help people understand what they’re looking at as they visit the CEFA farm at Somongoe, even

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The rest of the cocoa story

Last installment we got as far as the drying of the cocoa beans in the sun.  Now we see the roasting, shelling, grinding, mixing with water, heating, and the drawing off of the oil that comes to the surface.  The

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Painting signs

Roy’s busy trying to get signs painted and put up all over the CEFA farm, so visitors can understand better what they’re looking at.

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Busy busy busy on the CEFA farm

The CEFA farm is overflowing with workers right now, cleaning up orchards and other maintenance, and the workers always start their day with bible study and prayer.  A big exciting thing happening is processing harvests for sale!  CEFA is on

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Cocoa production

Taking the cocoa beans from the pod

Pouring the cocoa beans and pulp into a gunny sack

Leaving the beans to fermentDrying the beans after fermentation

How wonderful it is to see cocoa pods being processed into profits!  CEFA

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Cattle back, us too

The cattle are back, eating the lovely green grass of their home pastures, rather than having to be closely scrutinized each moment to make sure they weren’t getting into someone’s garden as they grazed.  We are thankful for a return

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