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Almost out of water

Water is not to be taken for granted here on the South Coast of South Africa.  We have been without municipal water for some time, and rain has been very sporadic lately, but Roy and Zweli have been able to

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Thankful for random eye fulls

Our creator God is an awesome God.

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Snakes!!! Always snakes!!

Walking along the path down to our house from Sam n Anna’s, I almost stepped on this adder.It slithered off into the grass before we could remove it from the area.  There are definitely varying ideas around here about

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God’s creation

No matter where we are, God provides beauty and interest for the eye!  Here are a few snaps from this past month.

What?!  I included a spider in with the flowers?!?!?  It has its own kind of beauty, though I

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Funny things this week


I didn’t get a picture, but the full moon a week ago was so bright it charged the solar panel battery!


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Food for thought

Our colleague and buddy, Leanne, saw this on an office wall in the capital city when she was there last month on nursing school business:

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success

Just a

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Sometimes the CEFA cattle herd make their way from their pastures, through a left-open gate, across the bridge, and up the hill into the orchards.  I ran into them on my afternoon walk, and there wasn’t anyone around so I

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New vision – innovation

This guy has to lean out his window to see the road because the hood of his car is piled up with merchandise to sell, BUT it’s raining, so what does he do?  Grabs one of the basins he’s taking

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This week’s best

My eyes never cease to be surprised as I walk in the late afternoons around the farm.  Praise be to our creator God!

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No, Roy didn’t forget to complete the sign.  THE is tea in French – you don’t have to put the accent on upper case printing, while in lower case it would read “thé”.  The tea is actually growing well and

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