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Orchard wind protection

The winds normally sweep through this area at great speed, but this year was the worst in recent history.  The winds tore off the previous bags (do you remember the white pig feed ones?) and did quite a number on

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Travel to South Africa AND Roy’s doctor’s visit

Our travels from Cameroon to South Africa went quite smoothly, well, except for a couple of hiccups at the Yaounde airport.  They called us to open our luggage way back in the bowels of the airport, after we had checked

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Roy’s hip

Please pray for Roy, he’s suffering with deep pain in his right hip.  We are so thankful that we are going to South Africa and we already have an appointment for him with the top notch orthopedist who helped with

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Cattle back, us too

The cattle are back, eating the lovely green grass of their home pastures, rather than having to be closely scrutinized each moment to make sure they weren’t getting into someone’s garden as they grazed.  We are thankful for a return

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Please pray for A

My dear friend, A, wife of our cattle caretaker, will undergo surgery tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th.  Please pray for her healing, and pray for the deep love of the Lord to be revealed to her.


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Earthly treasures

We had a real life lesson in not trying to store up earthly treasures this past week.  We were helping some friends by packing their belongings to be ready for a 15 hour bumpy dirt road trip instead of the

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We are protected

When Roy and ag team went east to a village the other day, they got to see first hand our UN troops.  They are many and they seem capable and intent on keeping the peace.  We are thankful they are

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Journey mercies

We are so thankful to be back at home, after having flown and driven for many, many hours.  The welcome was/is overwhelming!  Everyone has made sure first that Roy has recovered as they have showered us with ear to ear

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Choosing hope

When I read quotes like this; “it is difficult to imagine any future (sic – for CAR) other than one of deepening repression, growing famine, and spiraling warfare” or see, like I did this morning, a little 7-month-old, who looked

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Bible stories at H’s

Today I went solo to H’s house for bible stories, without my buddy Jan, as she is busy hosting her son and family for Easter break.  I had a delightful time with H and A; M, who is a regular

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