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Blessing a new New Testament

What an awesome gift we have experienced on so many different levels – our son, Sam, and his wife, Anna, went to Cameroon Dec. 15-26, to attend the dedication of the Nooni New Testament.  Anna’s parents, Cindy & Dave, have …

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Bremen Holy Walk

In little Bremen, Indiana, they have a wonderful tradition.  Many churches and volunteers put on a “holy walk”.  They bus groups of people out to a field on a local farm, in the dark with no electric lights in the …

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Horses horses horses

Our days are full of family and special events these days.  The 4 grandchildren ALL got to ride the horses at Culver Academy, where our son, Josh, works as a social studies teacher.  Even baby Maia got to ride, with …

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Cousins together

Over the river and through the woods to pick out a tree at the Christmas tree farm…fun in the snow and then fun decorating! Didn’t the kids do a great job?

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Samfam is here!!!

Oh, we are CELEBRATING!!!  Sam and Anna and Elaina and Sawyer arrived, and now our little family is reunited!

Oh the JOY!!!

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The outdoors guy

Roy loves to work outside, and he has had all manner of projects he’s been helping with on the kids’ hobby farm. Here he is working on putting in a fence for pasture for the goats.  Does it look cold?  …

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from stage to heating

Our son’s father-in-law, Kim Cone, who is doing amazingly well in his recovery from hepatitis, put in many hours creating this tiled stage.  Our budding ballerina Maddie took advantage of it for the short while it was empty.

Now it …

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