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Monday across the border

We had a good trip on Monday to visit with our Fulani friends across the border. Here’s a photo of one of the veggie gardens that we are helping these former non-farming people to start.kentzou-veggies
As we drove on the …

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Road to the CEFA land

Hurray!!! Work has started on the road out to the ag land! The photo shows the how the whole road is hopefully going to look in just a couple weeks. In the background you can just barely make out what …

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Agreement is signed!

In this photo the president of the local Baptist church is signing the memorandum of understanding between his church/mission and Covenant World Mission. This agreement has been in the works for a LOOOONG time now, and we are thankful that …

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dust galore

Take a ride to the town across the border and you’ll pass logging trucks parked along the way, waiting for customs clearance and immigration papers:
Then, if you get behind one, you’ll have quite the time of it trying to …

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Need to go to the bank?

How about this for a quick trip to the bank? Three hours of terribly bumpy and rutted dusty dirt road to go about 55 miles, to get to the nearest town that has a bank. We often ended up behind …

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Hammadou up up and away!!

happyhammadoublog-003Hammadou, our Fulani friend who is our yard guy and who is reading through the Firm Foundations bible stories with his brother, Aleta’s translation helper, went to the airstrip on Monday to help unload the paper supplies that came from …

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Happy New Year!

Imagine carollers and trick or treaters and New Year’s revellers all rolled into a roiling mass of children roaming the neighborhood, singing in French “Bonne Année, Bonne Année Papa, tu es gentil, donnez moi de francs”, banging on pots and …

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