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Water access adds unexpected benefits

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A nearby water kiosk holds more than the usual health, household, and education-related benefits for Mama YuYu and her family of seven.

Mama YuYu lives in Gemena, and has trained for and earned the rank of water kiosk officer in

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How Two Well Systems and Capped Springs Provide Clean Water for 24,000 People

By Lars Anderson, Serve Globally Intern

Bernadette and her husband, Serge Jackson, can watch their children grow up healthy thanks to a nearby kiosk supplying clean water from a deep water well system. In a remote area of DR Congo

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Clean Water for Congo: One Family’s Story of Transformation

By CKC Project Manager Cat Knarr


When Bernadette wants to collect water for her family, she picks up her jug and walks a few minutes away to a kiosk. There, clean water sprays from a faucet, pouring out until it

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Clean Water Spouts in the City of Gemena, DRC

Pete Ekstrand, Covenant missionary based in the DRC, takes us to the city of Gemena, where Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision is working with Congolese leaders to bring previously rare clean water to more and more people.


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Our Hope for Covenant Kids Congo in 2016

By CKC Project Manager Cat Knarr

Over the past three years, thousands of you have decided to sponsor a child through Covenant Kids Congo, and with your help, the Gemena community in northwest Congo is on its way to a

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