How to Mail a Package to Your Sponsored Child in Congo

By CKC Project Manager Cat Knarr

Mama Beatrice

Mama Beatrice

When the CKC team visited Congo, sponsored children and their families told us how much they enjoyed hearing from sponsors. Mama Beatrice shared that her son recently received a letter and photo from his sponsor.

“He was very, very happy to receive that, and he sent a response back to his friend,” Mama Beatrice said. “Even today, he’s been asking, ‘Mama, why am I not getting another photo from my friend in the United States?'”

Many sponsored children in Congo love reading letters from their sponsors and seeing photographs. If you sponsor a child and you’ve been writing to them, keep it up!

But there’s even more that you can do! Did you know that you can also mail a package to your sponsored child? It has to be a small package – no bigger than a 9×12 envelope – but you’ll be surprised to hear all the different fun items that you can send inside!

If you would like to give your sponsored child something special this Christmas, mailing a small gift is a wonderful way to do so. Check out the instructions below about how to mail your package to Congo. Plus, get ideas for small gifts you can send!

1. Use a 9×12-inch* envelope.

You must use a 9×12-inch envelope or smaller. Any larger packages cannot be accepted by the World Vision national office in Congo.

2. Find small gifts to enclose.

Here are some fun ideas for items that you can mail to your sponsored child:

• Stickers
• Bandanas
• Pencils
• Colored pencils
• Pencil sharpeners
• Small notebooks
• Coloring books
• Hair ribbons
• Small puzzles
• Paper airplanes
• Balloons
• Postcards
• Bookmarks
• Combs
• Washcloths
• French flash cards or small books
• Jump rope
• Yo-yo
• Harmonica
• Miniature dolls, stuffed animals, or toy cars
• Small clothing items like child’s socks, flip flops, or a folded shirt – must be new with tag and fit in the envelope
• Photos and drawings

Be sure to follow the World Vision guidelines. Please do not send money, jewelry, crayons, food, candy, toys or items that may look expensive, items that may be scary to a child such as fake spiders or snakes, or keepsakes and items of sentimental value.

3. Mail your package to Congo.

World Vision D R Congo
No 3888, Boulevard du 30 Juin
Kinshasa-Gombe B.P. 942 Kin I
DR Congo

On the back of the envelope, write your name and address and your sponsored child’s name and child ID number. See instructions here.

Take your package to the post office to have it weighed for postage. The cost depends on weight, but you can probably expect to pay around $20 to mail a smaller 6×9 envelope to Congo.

Your sponsored child will be so excited to hear from you! Thank you for staying in touch.

For more ideas, see this World Vision blog post and this Facebook post.

Want to print out this handout and share it? Download the PDF here.

*Updated according to new World Vision guidelines.

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2 comments “How to Mail a Package to Your Sponsored Child in Congo”

We sponsor a child in the Ledia program in Congo. I have neglected to send anything for Christmas for him and wondered if there is some way I can send something online. Can you halp me?

Thank you, Esther Zirk

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Hi Esther, sure thing! There are a couple of ways that you can send a message or gift to your sponsored child online. First, if you don’t already have one, create a My World Vision online account. You can log on or register at Once you’re logged on, you can send an email to your sponsored child – the email will then be printed off in Congo and delivered to your sponsored child. You can also give a special gift online. A special gift is a financial gift of $100 to $200 that will go toward your sponsored child and their family. Local staff will talk to your sponsored child and family and see what they need most, and then you’ll receive a thank you letter from your sponsored child in the mail with a picture of the gift(s) that were purchased. That’s another wonderful way to give a meaningful gift to your sponsored child! You can give a special gift by logging on to My World Vision or calling World Vision at (800) 647-9770. And if you have any questions, you can always call me! I’m at (773) 442-6578.

Thank you so much for sponsoring a child in Congo! Your sponsorship is making a great difference to your sponsored child, his family, and his community.

Catherine Knarr, CKC Project Manager

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