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It has been Heidi’s dream since she was a child to do mission work in Africa.  Konroy has always felt like he should be doing mission work, whether overseas or in the U.S.  Both of us have been involved consistently in many kinds of ministry service (local church, summer camp counselor, mission trips abroad and in this country, and more).  We are so excited about how God has chosen to use us to further the Kingdom.

Heidi attended North Park University in Chicago and received a degree in Biblical & Theological Studies.  She then moved to St. Cloud to attend graduate school where she received her Master’s in Early Childhood Special Education.   Konroy majored in Biblical Studies with a minor in Business Management at Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, ND.  He then moved to St. Cloud to work at a ministry center.

In 2007, we met for the first time at a young adult Bible Study.  Heidi told her friends, “I will never date that guy.”  And so we got married in September of 2008.  Now God has called us to serve together in mission service, and we hope that God will use all of our training and experience while we are away.

We were missionaries with the Evangelical Covenant Church in Cameroon, Africa, from July 2010 to June 2012.  We returned to the United States in 2012, and since then Konroy has returned to Place of Hope Ministries in St. Cloud, MN, as the Assistant to the Director, where he worked for 6 years before we left.  Heidi (King) has returned to teaching as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher for the St. Cloud School District.

You may know Heidi’s parents, Rev. Rudy & Nancy King, who have been a pastoral team in the Covenant Church since the early 1970s.  (You may also know Konroy’s parents, Albert & Alice,  if you have been farming in North Dakota.)

Even though we enjoy the perks of living in America, we feel pulled back to Cameroon.   Konroy will be serving full time at the Rainforest International School (RFIS), which is a school for children of missionaries, international workers, and local families.  Heidi will be serving in several different areas.   Her duties will include working and teaching at nearby orphanages and teaching a preschool class for missionary children.

In Cameroon, we were and will be again working alongside missionaries from a wide range of church denominations, including those from the Baptist, Lutheran, Evangelical Free, and Assembly of God churches, among others.


Cameroon is located on the west coast of Africa (“under the armpit”), near the equator.  We will continue working in Yaoundé: the capital of Cameroon and second largest city in the country.


We are honored by this opportunity to serve as missionaries again, but we cannot do this on our own.  First, we need your prayer support, to pray regularly for us and for the people in Cameroon.  Second, we need your ongoing financial support.  As short-term missionaries for the Evangelical Covenant Church, we are responsible for raising 100% of our funds.  We need to raise about $50,000 in financial support per year.  French study, travel (airfare is over $4000), pre-field costs, medical expenses (malaria meds, special medications, etc.), food, rent, utilities, and language study make up most of our budget.

We invite you to support us through prayer.  We also ask you to support us financially on a regular basis.  Any amount will help, no matter how much or how little.  Please fill in the attached form and return it to the address shown.  We know God has a plan, and we must continue to follow it.

Thank you for being a part of our lives, whether that was for the last twenty minutes or the last twenty years. You have made each of our lives better, and we would love to share more with you!     

What YOU can do now:

If you had supported us, please consider doing so again.  Last term those who gave support to our ministry provided food for an orphanage, love to neighborhood kids, education to Cameroonian children, and even helped build a community center in a remote village in Cameroon that will provide education to those who are illiterate.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show the love of Christ to kids, youth, and adults in Cameroon!

Konroy & Heidi Boeckel

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