If you can move like they do in this video, I’d like to hear about it.

The song means “I am full of joy.” We witnessed Cameroonians getting up and dancing when this song would start in church. They truly were filled with joy!

Translated from French:

Je suis dans la joie
Une joie immense
Je suis dans l’émotion
Car Yahvé m’a libéré

Je chanterai de tout cœur
Les merveilles de mon Papa Yahvé
Il m’a ôté des ténèbres
Il m’a délivré de tout péché

Mon Papa est fidèle
Il ne m’abandonne jamais
Je n’ai plus rien à craindre
Car Yahvé m’a libéré

I am full of joy,
Immense joy
I am filled with emotion
For the Lord freed me

I will sing with all my heart
The wonders ofmy FatherYahweh
He removed me from darkness
He delivered me from all sin

My Father is faithful
He will never forsake me
I have nothing to fear
For the Lord freed me



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