Finance Team Makes Sure Money Handled Well at CHIC

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By Stan Friedman

KNOXVILLE, TN (July 23, 2012) – Dean Lundgren was getting more excited with each bucket of money he dumped in front of the CHIC 2012 volunteers who sat at long rows of tables sorting bills of different denominations so that the cash could be run through four counting machines.

Johnson (left) and Lundgren count the offering at CHIC.

The offering taken on the last night of the event to benefit Covenant Kids was growing beyond what anyone imagined as some 40 ushers handed off the buckets to three runners who kept bringing them to Lundgren, the denomination’s vice-president for finance.

Lundgren and Elliott Johnson, the Covenant’s controller, oversaw the operation. In just over 15 minutes, the volunteers had counted the entire offering of $127,555.

Johnson and Lundgren have received and distributed a lot of money during the four CHIC events they have worked together. In that time, just the last-night offerings have totaled close to $500,000.

Theirs is a job that most people would not think about but which is necessary for the event to even happen. The two arrive on the Friday before the event kicks off in order to open the bank accounts for funds that come from the CHIC store in addition to the offering. They take the money to the bank throughout the day.

Lundgren also make sure everyone gets paid throughout the week. They begin before 9 a.m. and often wind up working as late as 11 p.m.

“Watching the transformation in the kids,” is the reason both of them are always excited to be part of the event, Johnson said.

“As someone who is well past the age of the student attending CHIC, I always leave knowing the Covenant is in good hands,” Lundgren said.

The two enjoy being around the students and are sure to attend the worship services and concerts even if the music isn’t exactly what they would listen to at home. “We are always prepared to use earplugs when necessary,” Lundgren joked.

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