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By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (July 6, 2012) – Many Covenanters routinely share links to social media articles and videos with one another that may be of interest to others. Below, Covenant News Service offers a sample of those submissions. (Note: their inclusion does not represent an endorsement of any views expressed.)

Goodnight, Cornerstone

This is a wonderful eulogy for an event that changed the lives of so many Christians by exposing us to a breadth of scholarship – not to mention music – that we might not otherwise have experienced.

Tim Keller on Word and Deed Ministry Connection

Keller offers insights on the relationship between word ministry and deed ministry, noting the pitfalls of favoring one over the other. “You can’t love your friend without talking about Jesus, and you can’t love your friend without babysitting for her so she could visit her son in jail,” he says.

Reform Jews Reach Out to Converts Like Never Before

In addition to focusing on a new trend, the article gives a quick primer on the difference between Reform and Orthodox Judaism. What do you think of the involved process potential converts need to go through?

Ten Clichés Christians Should Never Use

You probably won’t agree with all ten, and some of the language is too forceful at times. Still, there is a lot of truth here and Christian Piatt challenges Christians to avoid causing pain and to improve our evangelism efforts by refraining from these clichés.

Ask the Right Questions Before Mission Trip

If you ask these questions, your mission trip will be more beneficial for everyone.

Andy Griffith Was Real Even If ‘Mayberry’ Never Existed

From the article: “Andy Griffith reminded viewers of what was possible when people lived lovingly, even as the nation was living through a time of remarkable hatred. And even though the setting was an idealized place that never existed – one in which there were no murderous tensions and problems were always resolved by the end of the episode, the love which created those resolutions could be practiced anywhere.”

Amen! Makes me want to watch all the reruns now airing.

Editor’s note: If you have a link you would like considered for publication, please email Covenant Communications.

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