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Summit Motivates Leaders to Whole-life Generosity

WILMETTE, IL (March 8, 2012) – More than 100 church leaders from different denominations participated in a Generosity Summit at Winnetka Covenant Church led by Scott Ridout, Converge Worldwide director of generosity.

The training is designed to encourage and resource leaders as they seek to expand the culture of generosity within their respective congregations. In order for churches to be generous, they must be led by generous leaders who encourage whole life stewardship, Ridout said.

“Generous giving is a ministry that seeks to encourage givers, pastors, church lay leaders and others to experience the joy of giving and embrace a lifestyle of generosity according to God’s work and Christ’s example,” Rideout said.

That is the same approach leaders should take when speaking with their congregations. “It’s not what you want from them, it’s what you want for them.”

Plans are under way to offer the Generosity Summit in churches throughout the Central Conference beginning late spring.

Youth Group Needs Instrument to Start Praise Team

GLADSTONE, MI (March 8, 2012) – The youth group at United Evangelical Covenant Church wants to start a praise team to help lead worship services on Sundays, but they first need instruments and lessons.

The youth who attend the church in this small Upper Peninsula community are hoping people will donate instruments that are no longer being used or may be tucked away in storage.

“We have some kids here who really want to learn to play well enough to organize a praise team, but they don’t have the money to buy one (instruments) for themselves,” youth group leader Tana Porath told the Escanaba Daily Press. “Our youth group doesn’t have that much money to spend either, so we really are looking for people who have one they’re not using and would like to donate it. So far we only have one that belongs to the youth group.”

Porath says the teen’s desire to develop a team to lead worship for the whole church speaks to their maturity. Five men in the church have offered to give music lessons to the young people.

“Right now we’re mostly interested in having the kids learn chords, but we’re hoping they will eventually be able to play the notes,” Porath says. Those interested in donating instruments can learn more about the church at the United Covenant website or they can call the church office at 906-428-2848.

Boot Camp, Healthy Foods Part of Fitness Outreach

CHICAGO, IL (March 8, 2012) – Transforming Communities Outreach (TCO) of the Central Conference presented its health and fitness initiative entitled “Going Toe to Toe On Health and Fitness” to approximately 55 youth and parents at Atonement Covenant Church.

Elementary school students, parents, and church members and volunteers discussed healthy eating practices and then joined together to prepare healthy meals. They also were introduced to a series of boot camp exercises, basic boxing moves and self-defense techniques. First and second-place prizes were awarded to students based on effort, improvement and their readiness to participate.

Pastor Karen Brewer noted that the program was intergenerational and even brought grandparents and grandchildren together in shared ministry. The next event will be held in March at Oakdale Covenant Church.

Various events sponsored through TCO are funded with money donated by Covenant Children’s Ministry, formerly Princeton Children’s Home, and assisted through the collaboration of multiple churches. Grants are awarded to ministries serving at-risk youth. For more information, contact the Central Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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