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CHICAGO, IL (December 16, 2011) – A new and improved online giving feature is now available on the Evangelical Covenant Church website, providing a more convenient and user-friendly experience for those wanting to support a variety of Covenant mission and ministry initiatives.

The convenience and enhanced receipting capability of the new system will be of special interest to those desiring to make additional tax-deductible contributions before the end of the year. Visit the “Donate Now” drop down menu on the website home page to access the online giving feature.

One of new giving opportunities – Covenant Cares – allows individuals to choose specific mission projects to support, from purchasing farming tools for subsistence farmers in DR Congo to developing clean water in Ethiopia, providing health exams for children in Mexico or constructing new dwellings for those left homeless following the earthquake in Haiti.

The just-released Covenant Cares catalog conveniently organizes 22 mission and ministry projects into four thematic groupings:

  • Sustain – offering individuals and families opportunities to transform their lives and move to self-sufficiency
  • Heal – giving people access to basic necessities such as food, water, healthcare and shelter
  • Equip – resourcing God’s people throughout the world for discipleship and new life in Christ
  • Nurture – investing in the lives of children, young adults and leaders

An increasing number of families are using Covenant Cares as one way to honor a family member or friend with a ministry gift in the name of that individual, rather than a traditional present.

One individual noted that when her family gathered for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year, all of the family members browsed the Covenant Cares catalog and selected gifts to be given to others in lieu of a traditional family gift exchange.

Click here to hear more of this family’s story.

This approach to giving not only shares the love of Christ with others around the world who are in need, but in the process also honors God who has so richly blessed those who are capable of giving.

An exciting new giving opportunity – the Great Commission Gift – has been introduced this year, designed to support the whole of the mission. The Great Commission Gift allows the church to use its discretion in applying the funds where the needs are the greatest.

The enhanced online giving feature also includes close to a dozen additional featured giving opportunities:

  • Covenant World Relief
  • Friends of Women Ministries
  • President’s Appeal
  • Ministers Care and Crisis Fund
  • Covenant Kids
  • CHIC Legacy Fund
  • Covenant World Mission
  • Paul Carlson Partnership
  • IRA Giving Opportunities
  • Legacy Giving

There is an exciting twist to this year’s President’s Appeal – challenge grants totaling $32,000 that will match, dollar for dollar, all gifts received through December 31 to that level. “This match will double the impact of your gift and bring us one step closer to reaching and exceeding our challenge goal,” notes President Gary Walter.

“Hope shows up when people who care show up,” Walter reminds donors in his year-end letter. “Through your faithful financial support, you show up in places across the globe through the ministry we share through the Covenant. I hope you will consider a gift this year.”

This year’s Covenant Cares catalog cover carries a succinct, yet challenging message that is most appropriate for this Christmas season: “Give a gift – change a life! Help sustain, heal, equip and nurture individuals all over the world.”

Editor’s note: All gifts are tax-deductible and online gifts will be immediately acknowledged with an online receipt. Additional copies of the 2011-2012 Covenant Cares catalog are available and may be ordered through the online Covenant Bookstore. To read a previously published article, click here.

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