News Briefs: Delivering Relief, New Space for Outreach

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POMEROY, IA (June 24, 2011) – Dan Fullerton, interim pastor at the Evangelical Covenant Church here, recently used his airplane to deliver supplies for tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri.

Bob Dugger (left) and Dan Fullerton

Fullerton is a volunteer with LifeLine Pilots, which primarily flies people with medical and/or financial needs to healthcare facilities.

In this case, Fullerton and church member Bob Dugger delivered 64 tarps and 65 pairs of leather gloves. The Fairmont (Minnesota) Evangelical Covenant Church, which Fullerton previously served, helped collect some of the items.

“We met with Bob Brower, who is the executive director of the YMCA there and also the Catholic Charities Disaster Relief Center,” Fullerton said. “We turned the supplies over to him, and then we flew back the same day.”

“Being a pilot was a lifelong dream,” says Fullerton, who earned his pilot’s license in 2005. He says he loves having the opportunity to use his plane to serve others. The LifeLine pilots provide the plane, the gas and the time.

Trinity Covenant Church Embraces Its New Space

LIVINGSTON, NJ – Now that a nonprofit organization that provides services to special needs children is moving out of the space it shared with Trinity Covenant Church for 33 years because the agency had expanded, the church plans to take advantage of the change to serve other needs in the community.

The nonprofit organization, Arc, occupied eight rooms. Pastor Sue Gillespie says the church hopes to make that vacated space available to groups such as Scouts, Alcoholics Anonymous, and tutoring programs.

“We want to be more present in the community,” Gillespie says.

Trinity was started in East Orange more than 118 years ago. It moved to Livingston in the 1950s. It shares the space with the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of Northern Jersey, which, has been in Livingston for more than 10 years.

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So glad you are enjoying what you are doing. You have done many amazing and wonderful things. God has blessed many with your help and friendship.

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