Book on India Reformer Garners Praise

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CHICAGO, IL (June 17, 2011) – India’s journalistic equivalent of the New York Times book review section praises a new collection of 15 essays edited by North Park University professor Boaz Johnson about Pandita Ramabai, an Indian Christian and social reformer.

Pandita Ramabai

Indian and Christian, the Life and Legacy of Pandita Ramabai was released in March. Johnson, professor of biblical and theological studies, co-edited the book with two other scholars.

Ramabai (1858-1922) was a Christian social activist and missionary to Hindus throughout her country. She was a pioneer in promoting the education of girls and the emancipation of women

The review in the Times of India notes that such descriptions are lacking and “what the essays show is that Ramabai was a radical spirit in the most fundamental way: upholder of what God had given her, what she called ‘her own free will’ that she directed with a tremendous sense of purpose, despite her staggeringly difficult life.”

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I was fortunate to have taken the workshop at Midwinter taught by Boaz Johnson in which I learned for the first time of this amazing woman, Pandita Ramabai. It is a gift to know of her work and life. And now there is a book to read! Thank you, Dr. Johnson, for this good work.

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