Funeral Service June 2 for Gladys Fryhling Wickman

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN (May 25, 2011) – A funeral service for Gladys Fryhling Wickman, 93, widow of Evangelical Covenant Church Pastor Paul Fryhling, will be conducted at 7 p.m. June 2 at First Covenant Church in Minneapolis. Wickman, 93, died Tuesday.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story listed the date as June 3 due to incorrect information received. Covenant News Service will publish additional information as it becomes available.

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4 comments “Funeral Service June 2 for Gladys Fryhling Wickman”

This is sad news! Gladys was a model for me in my earliest days of leadership in the Covenant as someone who was a committed ministry spouse but who answered the call to serve her greater denominational family. Her dynamic and sweet spirit were inspiring and encouraging and her devotions at board meetings were deep and moving. She will be missed!

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Gladys Fryhling was a legend in her own right. She established her legacy as a teacher at the Covenant denomination’s only school, Minnehaha Academy. She was hero, mentor, coach, cheerleader and beloved teacher to a cloud of witnesses. She was an impeccable model of faith and spiritual discipline for colleagues, superiors and students.

You have been a blessing to many Gladys, and your legacy shines brightly!

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Gladys was my teacher at Minnehaha Academy. I remember once when another teacher kept me after school as punishment. Gladys saw me sitting in detention, took pity on me, brought in a box of cookies and sat with me while I waited for my punishment to end. We ate cookies together and chatted. I will never forget the look of shock on the other teacher’s face when he came in to find the student he was trying to punish, instead laughing, chatting, and enjoying cookies with Gladys.
Gladys was a giant of a person to me. God’s love glowed in her and flowed from her. We all loved her and were blessed to have been touched by her life.
Thank you Gladys! And thank you, God, for Gladys!

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I had misplaced Gladys Fryhling’s last name but thought of her frequently and wished I had been able to acknowledge her before she relocated her life in love. She came with her husband and interesting children to the church my father was also employed at in the late 50’s (I’m guessing). She couldn’t fill Edith Rees’s shoes and was not in the competition, anyway. Neither could Paul Fryling compete with Dr. Rees who was dynamic and charismatic and would have been a hard act to follow had anyone tried. No, both of them came as themselves and what extraordinary qualities they had to share. They came quietly and with love and self-respect that glowed from their centers and spread to all willing to enjoy them. She was there at both my father’s and my mother’s funerals. (This is how I recovered her last name: I ran across a condolence note she had sent.) Such a loving face. I am grateful to have known her.

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