New Book Details Midwest Conference History

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OMAHA, NE (April 20, 2011) – A 100-page book highlighting the 125-year history of the Evangelical Covenant Church Midwest Conference is available for purchase.

John Peterson, pastor of Faith Covenant Church and an avowed history buff, wrote the book. It traces the conference roots from the time that early Mission Friends settled in the Midwest and formed mission societies. Some of these early churches were schisms from Augustana Lutheran churches, while others were newly forming congregations. Many of these mission societies were affiliated with either the Mission Synod or the Ansgar Synod before the Evangelical Covenant Church was organized in 1885.

The three conferences that ultimately merged and make up today’s Midwest Conference were formed shortly after the Covenant was organized. The Iowa and Kansas Conferences (later renamed the Southwest Conference) were formed in 1885 and the Nebraska Conference (later renamed the Midwest Conference) was formed in 1886.

The Southwest Conference and the Midwest Conference merged in 1957 and the Iowa Conference and Midwest Conference merged in 1969 to form the present Midwest Conference configuration.

Peterson also traces the challenges churches faced, including the transition from Swedish to English language usage, as well as many of their accomplishments, such as the development of camps and camping ministries.

Copies of the book may be purchased for $15 from the Midwest Conference office, 13304 West Center Rd, Suite 222, Omaha, NE, 68144.

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