Cyclist Raises $2,300 to Help Fight Human Trafficking

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By Stan Friedman

YAKIMA, WA (April 14, 2011) – Preston Wade showed he would travel great distances to help teenagers wanting to escape lives of prostitution.

The member of Wiley Heights Covenant Church recently rode his bicycle 1,000 miles in 11 days and raised $2,300 through pledges and other contributions to benefit New Day for Children. New Day, which provides residential care and education for young girls who have been rescued from human trafficking, was started by Covenanters.

Preston Wade

Wade rode from Yakima to Gold Beach, Oregon, and back March 17-27.

A college freshman, he learned about the horrors of human trafficking and girls forced into prostitution when his church youth group attended a concert held to raise awareness of the issue. He said he immediately knew he wanted to raise funds to help an organization, and his youth leader told him about New Day.

Wade received some donations before the trip and was given even more after he showed a video about his trip at church. One person donated a dollar for each of the 1,005 miles.

Although Wade frequently makes long-distance rides, this was his first in which he covered 100 miles a day over a 10-day period. He also generally makes those trips in the summer.

“The experience of riding was great,” Wade says. “There were frustrating times, like the first day when I had strong headwinds for a section. That discouraged me. But each day following that was much better.”

Wade’s trip took him through a diversity of environments. Part of the trip was like riding through a “Brazilian rain forest” – snow was on the ground at higher levels. He wasn’t surprised that he had to bike through a lot of rain.

Along the way, he slept in the homes of pastors and in one church building. “That was a highlight,” Wade says.

In addition to raising money for New Day, Wade hopes his ride will encourage others to do more cycling and develop a richer appreciation for nature.

Click here to see a video he made of the trip. The Evangelical Covenant Church website includes information on human trafficking and other ways people can help fight it. New Day was the recipient of funds from the Covenant’s Department of Women Ministries Break the Chains project.

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5 comments “Cyclist Raises $2,300 to Help Fight Human Trafficking”


What a great thing to do! I just read the article, learning about your efforts for the first time, while a young girl who has just been rescued is en route to our resoration center. Without people like you, slavery continues. With people like you, who take action, girls are freed and restored. Readers, don’t just say: “Isn’t that great what Preston did.” Think of something creative you can do and/or get generous.
The bad guys are building a multi-billion dollar business betting that you won’t act. Paul Wilson, New Day for Children

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Thank you Preston for reminding us that we can all do something to bring healing and restoration to the survivors of modern-day slavery. May we all do something to end slavery in our lifetime.

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Thanks Stan and ECC for a great story and the including the link. Thanks Preston for a wonderfully creative video of your trip. New Day is a such a good cause and continues to help many. Keep up those exercises at the beach Preston (that was funny inclusion).

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Preston – What a great way to raise awareness and funds !! Paul Wilson, well said : they’re betting no one will stand up for the victims. Yes, we will !!

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Because people are standing up for the victims, New Day is making a difference. There are some wonderful stories. I just wish I could tell them but cannot for reasons of privacy and security.

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