Governor’s Call Tops January’s Most-Read List

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CHICAGO, IL (February 07, 2011) – When the Alaska governor read a Covenant News Service article about the nomination of Curtis Ivanoff to be the director of the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Alaska Region, he surprised the nominee with a call offering congratulations. The story about the call was the news service’s most-read article in January.

Subjects of the 10 most-read stories included the nomination of Tammy Swanson-Draheim to lead the Midwest Conference, a church’s response to the Tucson shooting, and a ministry to strippers.

Click on the headlines to read the stories.

Telephone: You Never Know Who’s On the Other End

Stripping Away Stereotypes, Knitting a Friendship

Swanson-Draheim Recommended to Lead Midwest Conference

Tucson Congregation Responds to Shooting Tragedy

Church Leaders Respond to ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’

Curtis Ivanoff Recommended to Lead Alaska Region

Significant Vote in South Sudan, Impact on Covenanter

New Book: Develop the Ability to Spiritually ‘Jump’

North Park University Student Receives Fulbright Scholarship

Don’t Act Your Age at the Feast

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