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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (December 6, 2010) – Hardly a week goes by that we do not receive a few comments from readers on stories published as part of the Covenant online news report.

We will share from time to time some of those responses generated through the “comments” link attached to each published story. This kind of feedback is very helpful to our Covenant News Service staff as we seek to identify and publish stories of great interest to a broad spectrum of online readers of this report.

Following are comments relating to recently published stories, edited in some cases for length. To read a particular story of interest, search for the headline.

Services Pending for Dulcie Gannett

Tim Hite of Chicago, IL, writes: Dulcie was a co-worker of mine at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation. She will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this difficult time.

Congregation Succeeds at Keeping Secret from Pastor

Mamsy Seloane of Johannesburg, South Africa, writes: I am so much blessed and humbled by the story. We really need such sheep that can know their shepherd’s heart and appreciate them. Man of God, may the Lord whom we serve bless you, your family, your congregation and enlarge your territory!

Pegi Thompson of Oroville, CA, writes: Ruby, I met you at Mission Springs when your church led the worship at the women’s conference a number of years ago. Several of those women, along with their husbands, attended your church the next year. We sat with you, but did not have the privilege of meeting your husband as he was in Chicago (Covenant offices) on other business. Many blessings on both of you as the Lord leads you into new ministries for his glory.

Online Photo Gallery to Focus on Advent Season

Glen Morden of Patterson, CA, writes: Great pictures, great concept! Looking forward to checking in each week. Thanks for the Advent inspiration.

Give the Gift of ‘Care’ This Christmas Season

Cameron Dryden of Boston, MA, writes: What a meaningful and powerful ministry!

Mission Trip: Getting Out Tough – Getting In Tougher

John Meissner of Estes Park, CO, writes: All was calm on Saturday and Sunday before I left Cap, but I would be interested to hear how things are this week.

Service Wednesday for Camp Director Chuck Frasier

Ted Ericson of Burnsville, MN, writes: So sorry to have lost Chuck. What a lot of joy and spiritual growth he engendered in so many. My three daughters enjoyed many summers as campers and as staff with him, and I appreciate his contribution to their spiritual formation deeply.

Bill Hoover of West Lafayette, IN, writes: Jane and Covenant Point Family: I never realized Chuck was 59. I assumed he’d outlive us by a long shot. All of us here at Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources send our sincere condolences.

Jan Dwight
of Northbrook, IL, writes: We are all shocked and deeply saddened at this news. While it’s so difficult to see God’s purpose and plan right now, I am comforted to know two things: (1) Chuck was doing something he enjoyed in God’s beautiful north woods that he loved so much, and (2) his Christian life has impacted SO many young people and will continue to do so now and in the future. Peace to his memory and thanks to God for his ministry. Our prayers go out for Jane, family, friends, camp staff, and our beloved Covenant Point Bible Camp.

Andrea Carlson Johnson of Seattle, WA, writes: This is a sad loss for all of us who have had the privilege of knowing, working for, and being ministered to by Chuck at CPBC. He furthered God’s kingdom for thousands – friends, campers, staff, guests and their families. Our prayers go out for Jane, Joel, Nathan and his family.

John Pecotte of DeForest, WI, writes: My wife Sue (Levin) Pecotte and I, along with our four daughters and many members of our extended family, have known Chuck for many years. He cared for people he got to know and who got to know him. He was there when needed. Chuck was a good man who loved God and understood what God wanted his life to be about! Chuck lived a “quality” life, because he allowed God to live in his life and love him – like a marriage, through good times and not-so-good times! Chuck lived in the “light” of God’s grace! Many “pages” of Chuck’s life were written with the “eternal” in mind!

Rip and Roll – Helping Save Lives in Congo

Ann Johnson of Kent, WA, writes: We used to do this at our church and might like to start again. Can you send information on the details of bandage rolling such as size, what to sew, where to send them?

Editor’s note: Helpful information on the Rip ‘n Roll program can be found in the resources area of the Covenant website.

Open House Saturday for New CHET Facility

Safy Jacob of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, writes: It was an amazing event – I was so honored to be invited. Five of us from Rolling Hills Covenant Church attended. We are so blessed to partner with this ministry through volunteers that painted, teachers, and financial support through the years.

Bhutanese Baptisms Reflect Intentional Outreach Effort

Dave Wood of Rockford, IL, writes: Great to read this story. Congratulations to the congregation and to my good friend, Keith.

Act of Kindness Reveals Much Deeper Connection

Susan Falcetta of Manchester, CT, writes: I am on the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team and represent the East Coast Conference. AVA, Break the Chains and New Day have impacted our lives here on the East Coast and the way that I look at Women’s Ministry. How fitting that our Lord would affirm Ruth’s passion for the marginalized in this specific way! Compassion, mercy and justice require us to see as Christ sees, to feel as Christ feels and to respond in the way he would respond. He invites us to weep over the things that make him weep. Your example honors him and inspires us, Ruth and Brad!

Donna Peterson of Hutchinson, MN, writes: God is so cool!

Paula Rasanen of Rockford, IL, writes: I am so glad that God honored your giving in such a way and that very directly you were there to put God’s hand in that woman’s hand. I wear my bracelet daily from Triennial, and that prayer – to end slavery – is a part of my everyday prayer. Thanks for sharing that event.

Linda DeGrado of Orlando, FL, writes: God’s providence truly is amazing!

Donna Agurkis of Peabody, MA, writes: Reading this story brought shivers to me. How awesome is our God that he provides in ways we cannot anticipate.

Helen Winberg of Tigard, OR, writes: God works in such beautiful and wonderful ways! Bless you, and I pray all goes well with you.

Naming of Spiritual Direction Center to Honor Weborg

Jim Ressegieu of LaVista, NE, writes: I was fortunate to have John as my spiritual director in seminary in 2004. And recently John was the speaker/teacher at the Midwest Conference pastor-spouse eastern retreat. What a great session we had and what a great gift John is to the Covenant!

Waltham (MA) Covenant Church to Close

Richard Moore of Sloan, IA, writes: Thanks, Linda, for those wonderful words of tribute: “On All-Saints Day, it seems honorable and fitting to announce Covenant Congregational Church of Waltham, Massachusetts, has added its name to the Roll Call of saints and churches that have gone before.”
May God be glorified in all of the lives touched in his work in Waltham.

Growing Pumpkins a Lot Like Planting Churches

Marcia Lunn of Kirkwood, MO, writes: I am from Iowa and am excited to hear of a new Covenant church planting – just wish it were closer to my hometown area. I just know with the great soil (solid foundation) found in Iowa, fertilization (prayer), watering (manually and from above), and pruning (action), your harvest (Emmaus Covenant) will flourish! And you will have a humongous fruit next fall at this time!

Web Technology Connects Missionaries, Congregation

Mark Chapman of LaBolt, SD, writes: This is exciting to see. We’ve been blessed by visits from Covenant missionaries, including the Carlsons, out here in South Dakota. Using the available technology in this way gives even small rural churches like ours the opportunity to stay even more connected with missionaries around the world.

Irene Pham of Santa Ana, CA, writes: Our church, River 47 in Orange, gave a Skype prayer birthday party for my daughter, Katie, who was turning 20 while serving as a short-term missionary in Thailand. We had Thai food and a birthday cake. A guest speaker who had been a missionary in Thailand spoke about the needs of a missionary. Then we got into small groups and prayed for Katie. Katie was observing all this on Skype, and the video of her was projected onto a big screen. After our prayer time, everyone got a chance to put on the headphones and talk privately to Katie, in front of the computer screen, to pray for her and allow her to pray for them. This was a great way for us to let Katie be in touch with her friends and supporters after being out of the country for five months.

Johnson: Fast Action Needed to Avoid Healthcare Crisis

Tom Lehman of Golden Valley, MN, writes: This was a great story and another reminder for me of why I’m a member of the Covenant. As someone who works in health care, Dr. Johnson is absolutely right. Members of our congregation that have lost their jobs now have no insurance. Others work in jobs that don’t provide insurance, but they can’t afford it on their own. Johnson is correct that the current “system” isn’t working and we must continue our efforts to provide health care for everyone.

Thomas Erickson of Clifton, KS, writes: Johnson has some valid points, but like many in the Covenant, doesn’t have a clue about the morality of the pro-life issue.

L.A. School Giveaway Helps 5,500 Poor Children

Sherea Riley of Culver City, CA, writes: This is wonderful!

New Grant to Help ACC Strengthen, Expand Curriculum

Phyllis Wildeson of Golden Valley, MN, writes: Reading about the grant for Alaska Christian College this morning, I was thrilled. In fact, as we say, “it made my day!” I live here at Covenant Village in Golden Valley and have heard Keith speak and met some of the students this year. I was personally inspired and blessed. ACC has my “stamp of approval,” and now this generous grant is a much more important “stamp of approval.”

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