‘Facebook Pastor’ Teams with Celebrities to Help Orphans

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The purpose of Navigate is to help established churches find their way to becoming healthy and missional in a post modern, post Christian world. This is accomplished by the Holy Spirit empowering congregations as they walk the Congregational Vitality Pathway together.

Navigate accelerates the process by catalyzing resources on the denominational, conference, and local levels. Navigate is a “one-two-three” strategy consisting of one national gathering, two regional triad retreats, and three local church follow up visits by DCV’s.

Navigate is by invitation of the Conference and ECC.

Funding and Cost

  • The cost to the church is up to three round-trip air tickets for the delegates to attend the event. There will also be some costs involved for the two regional triad retreats. Pastors pay for their own peer group expenses.
  • The Conference helps to pay for the two regional triad retreats. The Conference also pays for the three to four local church follow up visits.
  • The Department of Church Growth and Evangelism pays for the team’s registration fees, food, lodging and materials associated with the the Navigate gathering. We will cover the round-trip airfare for the pastors as well as the cost for the inventory assessments, consultation calls, and books.
  • Navigate is being underwritten as a partnership; everyone contributes to the experience.

Dates and Location

Our 2012 national event is scheduled for November 2-7. Pastors meet with their congregation delegates for a session beginning November 2-4. A session for pastors only will follow from November 4-7.

The 2012 national event will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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