International Guests Welcomed by Delegates

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ST. PAUL, MN (June 25, 2010) – Leaders of Covenant churches and other partners from around the world were called on stage and introduced to the delegates during this morning’s business session. Introducing the delegates, President Gary Walter said, “It has been absolutely inspiring to recognize what God is doing around the world with our partners.”

Goran Zettergren, president of the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden, addressed the gathering on behalf of all the international guests. “Because of the most generous way you take care of us all, we feel like we’re at home.”

Gathering together is important for the future partnerships, Zettergren said. “It’s difficult to be friends only through documents, only through letters, and emails. We also need to meet each other face to face.”

Earlier in the day, Annual Meeting moderator Bob Dvorak let delegates know that the people engaged in ongoing discussions while presenters were not being rude, but were providing translation.

The international guests came to the celebration bearing gifts from their countries that were displayed at the meeting.

In other business:

  • Covenant World Relief Director Dave Husby told delegates that the denomination expects to be involved in Haiti for years to come and expressed his gratitude for Covenanters’ generosity that provided more than $1 million to relief and redevelopment work.
  • Husby confessed he initially was concerned that giving to the ministry’s general fund would decline because so much had been given for the work in Haiti. He reported, however, that the general offering through May 31 had been higher than in recent years.
  • Ruth Hill, the executive minister of Women Ministries, reported that total giving to projects led by the department over its 94 years of existence recently surpassed the equivalent of more than $9 million.
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