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CHICAGO, IL (May 28, 2010) – People buying items can now easily make a donation to Paul Carlson Partnership at the same time.

The organization that administers eBay’s “Giving Works” program has introduced “Give At Checkout.” After each purchase, customers are given the opportunity to give between $1 and $25 to a Giving Works member nonprofit.

Customers wanting to make a donation to Paul Carlson Partnership should enter the name in the search field when the option comes up. People also can record the organization as a “favorite nonprofit,” and the PCP name will come up automatically after each purchase.

To record PCP as a “favorite nonprofit,” go to My Accounts, then to Donation Account. Under Preferences, choose My Favorite Nonprofits, then enter Paul Carlson Partnership in the search to bring it up.

North Park Dean Teaching Business Course In China

CHICAGO, IL – Wesley Lindahl, Dean of the North Park University School of Business and Nonprofit Management, began teaching an intensive change management course at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou, China, this week.

North Park University hopes the class will be the start of an ongoing relationship of cultural and educational exchanges with several Chinese universities.

Guangdong University invited Lindahl to teach the course after biology professor Timothy Lin visited universities in China and initiated the plans. Lin, a Taiwan native, says, “I knew of several Chinese schools that were looking for foreign partners, so I proposed to Provost Jones that we reach out and make some Chinese friends. These universities want to know two things primarily – how we run our schools and how we interact with students.”

North Park is currently discussing cross-cultural teaching and learning opportunities with four universities in China: Beijing Union University, Leshan Teachers’ College, Jianwen University, and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

The schools are interested in the American style of interactive learning, which is relatively unknown in China. “Because of the culture in China, classes are lecture based and students do not ask questions during class,” Lin explains. “The concept of classroom participation is quite foreign to Chinese students.”

This summer, 21 faculty members from Leshan Teachers College will take English as a second language (ESL) classes at North Park. In the fall, a visiting scholar from Beijing Union University will observe three biology courses.

“This will be beneficial for Beijing Union University and for North Park,” says Lin. “It’s free to us, we get all the benefits of a cultural exchange, and it opens the door to new transfer students from China.”

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