SCH Pushes Edge in Robotic Surgery, Low-Dose X-ray

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CHICAGO, IL (May 18, 2010) – Hospitals across the country are looking to the lead of Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH), which recently began using new radiology and surgical equipment that greatly improves patient care.

The hospital launched its robotic surgery program in January. In February, it became the first hospital in the country to begin using an X-ray system that provides sharper image quality while using a low dose of radiation.

“Our radiology department serves as a national model for the implementation of this technology,” says Bradley Carlton, SCH director of radiology. SCH has hosted site visits by other hospitals that are considering whether to purchase the FDR AcSelerate system, which is made by Fuji.

The new robotics program is utilizing the da Vinci surgical robot (accompanying photo). “The da Vinci is a safe and effective treatment option available to surgical patients,” says Dr. Joseph Maurice, director of gynecologic robotic surgery.

Surgeons have completed nearly 40 robotic-assisted operations using the robot. It has been used to treat various surgical, gynecological and urological conditions, Maurice says.

“The da Vinci surgical robot and Fuji FDR AcSelerate digital X-ray technology are both great examples of investments in technology that not only improve the quality of care we offer our patients, but also play important roles in the hospital’s growth and its reputation as the leading independent hospital in Chicago,” says Mark Newton, SCH president and CEO. “I’m very thankful and proud of the work our surgical and radiology staff have put into the recent launch of these programs.”

The hospital has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade, says Newton. “We’ve successfully been able to increase market share in our community by 64 percent, reinvest in capital projects to rebuild and renovate our campus, expand services, purchase new technologies, recruit renowned physicians and expand our residency and research programs – all while improving quality of care and maintaining our patient-centered focus.”

Swedish Covenant Hospital is operated by the Covenant Board of Benevolence on behalf of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The board also operates Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock, California.

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