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Anticipating Redemption

Anticipando la Redención (Anticipating Redemption)

14” x 18”, oil on canvas

This painting portrays both the hope and desolation of a mother and child. Most Andean Indian women are submitted to hard labor and lack of any opportunities for education or self-growth. When I visited Ecuador I saw many women and children that looked like this painting. This image reminds of my own freedom and of how blessed I am to have met my Savior Jesus and the freedom and opportunities I have found through my relationship with him. As I painted this I was thankful for my own life and at the same time I was reminded to pray for women and children who are captive of their culture and of sin. There is hope for women like these as long as the church continues to be a witness of God’s amazing redemptive love.

Pia Peña Restrepo

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