Congo Choir Seeks Donation of Used Choir Robes

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KINSHASA, CONGO (February 9, 2010) – The first church planted by the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM) is looking for a donation of used choir robes as the music ministry prepares to celebrate its 26th anniversary.

Sky blue robes are preferred, but not essential, says Texa Dembele, who directs the Elkiya choir. Dembele also has served as manager of the Paul Carlson Partnership’s (PCP) work in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He recently was made manager of the Farmers to Markets program, with which PCP is working.

For more information or to donate robes, email Sally Johnson in the PCP office or call her at 773-907-3302.

The Farmers to Markets program is a major new economic development program made possible through a grant to the Paul Carlson Partnership by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The $658,000 grant covers approximately two-thirds of the $1 million project budget. The PCP is responsible for raising the remaining amount.

The program will create a “value chain” between the individual small farmers in the Ubangi region and the lucrative markets in the capital city of Kinshasa some 600 miles to the south. Most people living in the Ubangi are subsistence farmers with no cash income to pay for their families’ medical expenses, school fees and other needs.

People interested in contributing to that project also should contact Johnson.

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we have a couple of sets of robes… adult and some childrens. willing to donate… from Montana US

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