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Author Archives: Melanie Viana

About Melanie Viana

Alex and Melanie Viana will be commissioned at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church to serve as short term missionaries to Mozambique, Africa with Covenant World Mission. They anticipate training local pastors in Bible, Theology, and leadership development. Vianas will also assist in the development of a self-sustainment business. They are currently raising funds and hope to arrive in Mozambique this fall. While Melanie grew up in a Christian home, she ‘went through the motions’ and thought that the harsh punishment at home reflected God’s view of her. She heard missionary stories, but harbored anger toward God and anybody connected with the church. At the age of 16, Melanie attended a Christian camp in Oregon where she heard for the first time that God loved her. Through experiences of joy or darkness, Melanie knew His unconditional love and committed herself to serve Him. Alex grew up at Rolling Hills Covenant and became a Christian during junior high at Alpine Camp (Blue Jay CA). His father is Bolivian and grew up with Covenant missionary Eldon Johnson. The two men eventually moved to the States and began a Hispanic church in Los Angeles. Alex worked with/helped lead the (Rolling Hills Covenant) high school group, and thought he would always live in the USA. When Global Ministry began, Alex went to Mozambique with a group from their church. While there, God worked in his heart, showing him the need for his presence in an overseas setting. For the last six years, Alex and Melanie have led the Global Ministry at Life Covenant (Torrance CA), a ministry focused in the country of Mozambique. Begun in mud huts without electricity or water, the ministry now includes two orphanages with water, electricity, and teaching facilities. A group of believers meets at each orphanage. The ministry is all Mozambican-led by leaders with a passion for caring for orphans, addressing the needs of poverty and injustice, evangelism to identified unreached people groups, and the development of biblicaly sound churches. To date, nine churches have been planted, and two more are in process. With the goal of living into a holistic ministry, Global Ministry has begun several self-sustainment projects. Gardens have been planted, and local people maintain a chicken farm and a corn and rice milling business. Because Global Ministry is led by all Mozambicans, Alex and Melanie will be their first full time missionaries. Most local pastors have just a 6th grade education and little or no theology or Bible education, so Alex and Melanie will help provide that training. Alex says, “Entire communities have been brought into new life. This is the most fun we have ever had in ministry!” Alex studied business at California State U-Dominguez Hills, and has run his own manufacturing business for over 30 years. Melanie received her BA from Multnomah Bible College (2004, Biblical Education, Portland OR) and her MA from Fuller Theological Seminary (2009, Theology, Pasadena, CA). Alex and Melanie are founding members of Life Covenant Church in Torrance, CA. Birthdays: Alex July 30 Joshua June 26, 2009 Melanie May 28 Joseph June 26, 2009 Anniversary: June 28, 1997

How to Train a Missionary

Melanie Viana's photo.

So, how do you train someone to be a missionary?  Do you send them away to a foreign country?  Do they read and study?  How do you get ready to leave your home to make a new home, find a …

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Serving God … Oh the Joy!!!

PIC_0636I’m fortunate…  One of the blessed who get to serve God full time as my vocation.  I am not alone.  I have many brothers and sisters who also have this honor.  Right now I am thinking of my Mozambican family.  …

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So You Wanna be a Cowboy!!!

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You know how everyone seems to dread the very thought of support raising???  It can seem so hard, so humbling to continually be asking your friends and family for their support.  Why is it so difficult to be in …

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A Brand New Job!!!

Ok, so it isn’t really the first day of my new job, but it sure feels like it.  What’s my new job you ask???  I’m a MISSIONARY!!!  Woo! Hoo!  Can you believe that this is what I have wanted to …

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Movin’ Out!

I’m writing this from my red couch.  It’s probably the last time I will sit on this couch … in this house.  We’re moving out, and we’re leaving everything behind.  This is phase two in our eventual move to Mozambique …

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