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The Summit

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November 9 -10, 2012 – Atlanta, Georgia

The Summit is a 2-day youth ministry event low on hype and high on story; low on entertainment and high on flammable ideas.

For more information click the icon above.

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Pre-Release Pricing!

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This 6-week series from Adam McLane & Jon Huckins will deep dive your students into the practical realities of a radical life with Jesus. Built around six core postures of community life, students will examine Scripture, gain an understanding of

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YWC is Right Around the Corner!

Can you believe it? Youth Worker Connection is just around the corner. My desk is piled high with goodies, gifts, and I’m filled with great expectations. Last week a few of us went downtown to scope out the venues where …

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Connection Breakout Sessions

There are a number of breakout sessions for you to participate in…check them out!

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Connection Worship Speakers

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This year’s Youth Workers Connection is like no other. We will be meeting in the world-class city of downtown Chicago. Our worship times will be in a variety of venues from the University of Chicago to the Cultural Arts Center …

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Youth Worker Connection 2011

Have you heard? We’ll be meeting downtown Chicago January 28-30, 2011. Check it out: Connection 2011.

In a world filled with noise, distractions, obligations, appointments, expectations, and 24/7 movement, it is hard to be still and take time to listen …

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